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How To Test Your HDD, SSD or All Flash Array (AFA) Storage Fundamentals By Greg Schulz Over at BizTech Magazine I have a new article 4 Ways to Performance-Test Your New HDD or SSD that provides a quick guide to verifying or learning what the speed characteristic of your new storage device are capable of. Building off the basics, server storage I/O benchmark fundamentals The four basic steps in the article are: Plan what and how you are going to test (what's applicable for you) Decide on a benchmarking tool (learn about various tools here) Test the test (find bugs, errors before a long running test) Focus on metrics that matter (what's important for your environment) What this means and where to learn more To some the above (read the full article here) may seem like common sense tips and things everybody should know otoh there are many people who are new to servers sto... (more)

Ulitzer - iPad for Business?

iPad For Business In case you did not hear, Apple announced the iTouch on steroids aka iPad last week. Apple iPad via www.apple.com Is it a phone? No, its not an iPhone Is it a PC? Well, not in the context of the traditional PC or Mac book What is the iPad or more importantly, what is the possible business angle? First as to what is it, it might be easier to describe what it is not. As mentioned above, it is not an iPhone, granted you can get an iPad with 3G or WiFi for data access (similar to how iTouch has WiFi). Likewise, the iPad is not a PC in the context of running applicati... (more)

Why SSD-Based Arrays and Storage Appliances Can Be a Good Idea (Part I)

This is the first of a two part series, you can read part II here. Robin Harris (aka @storagemojo) recently in a blog post asks a question and thinks solid state devices (SSDs) using SAS or SATA interface in traditional hard disk drive (HDD) form factors are a bad idea in storage arrays (e.g. storage systems or appliances). My opinion is that as with many things about storing, processing or moving binary digital data (e.g. 1s and 0s) the answer is not always clear. That is there may not be a right or wrong answer instead it depends on the situation, use or perhaps abuse scenario. ... (more)

EMC VMAX 10K, Looks Like High-End Storage Systems Are Still Alive

This is the first in a multi-part series of posts looking at if large enterprise and legacy storage systems are dead, along with what todays EMC VMAX 10K updates means. EMC has announced an upgrade, refresh or new version of their previously announced Virtual matrix (VMAX) 10,000 (10K), part of the VMAX family of enterprise class storage systems formerly known as DMX (Direct Matrix) and Symmetrix. I will get back to more coverage on the VMAX 10K and other EMC enhancements in a few moments in part two and three of this series. Have you heard the industry myth about the demise or o... (more)

What Was Hot in 2009 and What Was Not?

Cloud Expo New York This is the time of year when people make their predictions for the next year. Building on some recent surveys and polls including: Whats your take on Windows 7? Is IBM XIV still relevant? EMC and Cisco Acadia VCE, what does it mean? What do you think of IT clouds? Whats Your Take on FTC Guidelines For Bloggers? Not to mention those over at Storage Monkeys and the customer collective among others Before jumping to what will be hot or a flop in 2010, what do you think were the successful as well as disappointing technologies, trends, events, products or vendo... (more)